Rudy Giuliani has deranged late night meltdown about Robert Mueller

Donald Trump and his allies still haven’t exactly figured out how to respond to Robert Mueller’s surprise Wednesday morning press conference. Mueller made clear that he couldn’t exonerate Trump, and the only reason he didn’t criminally charge Trump was due to DOJ policy forbidding it. There’s no good way to spin that, and no one on Team Trump did well with it – but Rudy Giuliani may have found a way to top himself.

Not long before midnight, Rudy Giuliani tweeted this comma and space bar challenged debacle: “Mueller said the report should speak for itself but then spoke,or actually read,and said nothing new. It was halting and stumbling which demonstrated why he doesn’t want to testify. But still the same conclusion: no case. Mueller proved he was as biased as his staff.” Wait a minute, really?

When Rudy appears on television these days, he halts and stumbles and rants and raves and contradicts himself so severely, it basically only exists for comedic value. Yet Rudy is daring to accuse Mueller of not being a gifted public speaker? And he’s suggesting that’s the reason Mueller doesn’t want to testify? This is whacked out, even for Giuliani.

But Trump and his allies struck out across the board today. Newt Gingrich posted a fully illiterate rant about fictional people named “Muller” and “President Trumpo” which appear to only exist in his head. Donald Trump was reduced to tweeting that Sean Hannity had a “great show tonight” a full fourteen minutes before it began airing, suggesting that Trump is now reduced to hallucinating about what’s on his television.

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