Rudy Giuliani just came out and said it


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9/11 was one of those days where it seems everybody remembers where they were and what they were doing when the attacks started. And for Rudy Giuliani, 9/11 catapulted him into the spotlight as he’d never been before. His approval ratings skyrocketed, and he became known as America’s Mayor. It was his moment to shine. That was a long time ago.

These days all the man gives us is shame. Of all the people who have chosen to throw their lives away for an unhinged madman, Rudy’s turn might just be the most unfathomable.

Many have speculated that Rudy was always like this. Others think he’s ill. No matter the truth, the fact remains that today’s Rudy is not the same man as the Rudy of 9/11. And now Rudy, in a shameful act, has managed to besmirch his own reputation even where 9/11 is concerned.

It all began with Rudy making an appearance on Newsmax, an alt-right organization. Speaking of 9/11, Rudy described his feelings about that day as “complex.” That makes sense. It is what Rudy said after that has people talking. “I guess the best way to describe it is, it was the worst day of my life and in some ways, you know, the greatest day of my life, in terms of my city, my country, my family.”

Look — I get that sometimes people mangle words, and things they meant to say just come out wrong. But the bottom line is this came out sounding absolutely terrible. “Rudy, you just shredded the one thing you could have been admired for,” one person said furiously.

WHY did Rudy say this? What could he possibly have been thinking? Or the better question is: what is he thinking at all? There has been a recklessness in Rudy that’s developed that was not there all these years ago.

By referring to 9/11 as the best day, Rudy adds agony to survivors and the families of the dead. No matter how he meant it, it was a blunder of epic proportions, and I imagine he must know that because so many are talking about it. The rise and fall of “America’s Mayor” are astoundingly surreal. Rudy, in my opinion, should apologize for his words but knowing “America’s Mayor” and his self-destructive streak, I highly doubt this will ever happen.


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