Rudy Giuliani just became a huge problem for Donald Trump

If you want to know just how microscopic Donald Trump’s chances currently are of winning in 2020, you don’t even need to look at his increasingly horrid poll numbers. All you have to do is look at the increasingly desperate and nonsensical longshot plans that he and his remaining loyalists are now resorting to trying. Now, yet another one of them has now officially blown up in their face.

Rudy Giuliani, ostensibly at the direction of Donald Trump, tried to get the government of Ukraine to work with him to manufacture a phony scandal about Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. This was supposed to taint Joe Biden’s 2020 candidacy, and thus magically hand the 2020 election to Trump. Ever notice how every strategy that Trump and his goons float these days involves a nonsensical plan followed by a magic election victory? In any case, this just became a Trump-Rudy scandal.

Not only did the American media decline to run with the phony Joe Biden scandal, the media also quickly sussed out that Rudy Giuliani was behind the whole thing. Since that time it’s become clear that either Rudy committed a felony by trying to negotiate with Ukraine on his own without involving the U.S. government, or Rudy was working with the Trump regime on this plot. If it’s the latter, and it probably is, Rudy will have to throw Trump under the bus in order to avoid prison.


That’s why three different House committees are now launching investigations into just what Rudy Giuliani was trying to do with the government of Ukraine. It’s the kind of full-court press that’ll destroy Giuliani unless he cuts a deal. Is Rudy naive enough to bet the rest of his life on a magical Trump pardon, or will he cave?

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