Rudy Giuliani is trying to get us all killed

If you’ve been wondering what future federal prisoner Rudy Giuliani is doing during the coronavirus crisis, he’s been plenty happy to keep us all updated. Rudy has been making a mess of the New York City lockdown, and posting a weird video from his desk which opened with him appearing to try to wave away a fart with his hand (we’re not kidding). But now Rudy is making a real mess.

Donald Trump keeps falsely claiming that a combination of chloroquine and azithromycin has been approved for the treatment of coronavirus and is safe to try. While there is an FDA clinical trial underway to see if it’s indeed effective and safe, no one should be trying these drugs on their own. In fact one guy got himself killed by ingesting a chloroquine variant. But don’t tell that to Rudy Giuliani.

On Friday night, Rudy appeared on Fox News and began bragging about how some quack doctor he knows has been using this combination of drugs to magically cure people of the coronavirus. It’s not clear how this doctor is even supposedly getting ahold of people who have the coronavirus, considering anyone in New York who’s sick enough to get tested is presumably already in the hospital.


But Rudy Giuliani truly wants us all to believe that some doctor friend of his has magically cured the coronavirus by following the gibberish medical advice that Donald Trump keeps blurting out. Rudy is as far gone as Trump is.

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