Rudy Giuliani is GONE

Between the Igor Fruman federal plea deal and the expanding Fulton County criminal probe, at this point it’s a race as to whether the Feds or Georgia end up indicting and arresting Rudy Giuliani first. Rudy doesn’t appear to be taking the news particularly well.

This afternoon Rudy Giuliani declared on Twitter that “America Needs Giuliani’s Active ‘9/11 Commission’ Now.” No really, he’s calling for a 9/11 Commission. Rudy has never hesitated to try to re-live his post-9/11 glory, but now he appears to believe that 9/11 has happened again, or that it’s still 2001, or something.

At this point it’s clear that Rudy’s mind is gone. The only real question is whether he, in his reduced mental state, decides to give up and cut a plea deal against everyone else – or whether he’s content to spend his final waning days behind bars.

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