Rudy Giuliani has berserk meltdown after Trump’s House GOP allies try to scapegoat him during impeachment hearing

Gordon Sondland’s public impeachment testimony today is devastating for Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, and other Trump administration officials. Sondland is also taking direct aim at Rudy Giuliani, who is now even more hosed than ever. This has prompted Trump’s House Republican allies to try to scapegoat Rudy in the name of protecting Trump. Not shockingly, Rudy has something to say about this. Unfortunately for Rudy, it’s barely intelligible.

Gordon Sondland testified today that Donald Trump ordered him to go through Rudy Giuliani on all Ukraine matters, in what turned out to be – in Sondland’s words – a “quid pro quo.” Just don’t tell that to Rudy, who has responded on Twitter by posting this bizarre screed: “During the July 24 conversation Donald Trump agrees to a meeting with Pres. Zelensky without requiring an investigation, any discussion of military aid or any condition whatsoever. This record shows definitively no quid pro quo, which is the same as no bribery. END OF CASE!”

But then came the part where House Republican Counsel Steve Castor began asking Gordon Sondland about Rudy Giuliani’s personal financial interests in Ukraine. Castor officially works for the House Republicans on the committee, who in turn unofficially work for Trump. So this was definitely Trump throwing Rudy under the bus.

Rudy Giuliani fired back with this tweet: “Republican lawyer doesn’t do his own research and preparation, and is instead picking up Democrat lies, shame. Allow me to inform him: I have NO financial interests in Ukraine, NONE! I would appreciate his apology.” Uh, sure, okay, Rudy. The bottom line is that with Gordon Sondland having backed the entire Trump regime into a no-win corner, Trump and his allies are now trying to pin it all on Rudy. It won’t work.

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