Rudy Giuliani has been marooned by Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani aren’t exactly having a good time of it lately. Trump’s company and CFO were just criminally indicted in New York, in an obvious first step toward indicting Trump himself. Giuliani’s home has been raided by the Feds, and a court appointed special master is turning over his communications to prosecutors. At this point it’s a question of whether Trump or Giuliani is arrested first.

As often ends up being the case with a ship where everyone is sinking, it turns out it’s every man for himself on Team Trump. Rudy Giuliani, who appears to be broke, is still trying to get his legal bills paid by Donald Trump. But according to a new expose by Michael Wolff, Trump has cut Rudy off instead.

Trump has a habit of usually cutting off his own henchmen once it’s clear they’re going down for his dirty work. But Trump has made rare exceptions, going out of his way to praise and prop up a handful of his henchmen (Roger Stone, etc), presumably because he thinks they have the goods to take him down.


Rudy Giuliani has always been one of that handful. But with Donald Trump now cutting him off, it suggests that Trump is now facing too many problems of his own to try to keep Rudy afloat. In turn it opens the door to Rudy cutting a plea deal once he’s indicted, and giving up Trump to try to save himself. These two deserve each other.

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