Rudy Giuliani throws up his hands: “I don’t want to know”

The thing about Rudy Giuliani is that, for all his semi-coherent babbling and intentional lies, he often screws up by simply blurting out exactly what he’s thinking. In the past twenty-four hours we’ve seen Paul Manafort busted for lying to Robert Mueller, and busted for having secretly met with Julian Assange during the election, in a manner which strongly suggests that Donald Trump also knew. Rudy’s response to the news is, shall we say, revealing.

Rudy Giuliani is now telling CNN that Paul Manafort’s lawyers had given him a heads up that they were running afoul of Robert Mueller. Then he seemed to make a full court press at distancing himself from the entire mess: “I have no idea what else they’re questioning them about. I don’t want to know.” Really? That’s his response to this?

Donald Trump’s campaign chairman just got busted for committing treason on behalf of the campaign, Trump himself looks to have been in on the treason plot, and all Trump’s criminal defense lawyer can do is throw up his hands? “I don’t want to know” might be Rudy’s most telling reveal yet. We all know he’s knee deep in the election conspiracy himself, but this is starting to sound like it’s more than even he signed up for.