Rudy Giuliani goes incoherently berserk as it all falls apart for him

So many politicians lie. Lying and politics go together like bread and butter. If one had a looking glass to the soul and examined the souls of many a Republican through said looking glass, the results might surprise many.

For example, there is Fox News, whose nightly cartoon characters pretend to be anti-vax when in reality, everybody who works at Fox has to be vaxed. So yes, Fox non-news is comprised of a group of liars. But some people are too toxic even for the soulless network. And one person is outraged about this and is speaking out. This person is Rudy Giuliani.

Appearing on “Real America’s voice,” Rudy went off about Fox. In recent months, Fox has not invited Rudy on the air. It appears the batty conspiracy theorist is too controversial for even Fox. Only Rudy is very pissed right now. Here is what he said: “They forget their friends pretty damn fast,” Rudy raged.

I must stop here to correct Rudy on something. Fox doesn’t have friends. You should know that, Rudy. In actuality, Fox reportedly was uneasy about having the ornery Rudy on because of the Dominion lawsuit.

This isn’t stopping Rudy’s bitterness, however. And his latest theory is as crazy as a theory can be. Rudy says that George Soros is why he is on the no-invite list: “They seem very frightened of George Soros.”

“It leaves me in a quandary about why they’re playing the fascist game,” Rudy said. It is sad in a way — to see a man who once commanded SOME respect reduced to – this. What would the looking glass show us about Rudy’s soul?

Sadly it appears he doesn’t have one. This is a common theme with once-respected politicians or pundits who jump on the Trump train. Rudy may get back on Fox at some point, but the golden ticket of respectability has long left him.