Donald Trump’s GOP Senate pal Ron Johnson has complete meltdown on Meet The Press

On Friday, Donald Trump’s GOP Senate ally Ron Johnson made a real mess of things when he admitted that someone from the State Department told him two months ago that Trump was running a quid pro quo scheme with Ukraine. Johnson was seemingly trying to cover his own backside by exposing his own role in the mess, so he could try to spin it in his favor, before the media could uncover it. The thing is, it didn’t work – and it made things even worse for Trump.

This morning Ron Johnson tried to do penance for Donald Trump by appearing on Meet The Press. The bad news for Johnson is that over the past week, the traditionally tepid Chuck Todd has finally found his voice, and he’s been using it to wreak havoc on the Trump regime. Johnson walked into a proverbial buzz saw this morning when Todd erupted at him for being full of crap.

At one point Chuck Todd shut down Ron Johnson’s lies by saying “I have no idea why Fox News conspiracy theory propaganda stuff is popping up on here.” When Johnson kept babbling about nonsense, Todd yelled “Senator Johnson, please! Can we please answer the question that I asked you, instead of trying to make Donald Trump feel better?”

We like this new version of Chuck Todd. He proceeded to keep pounding away at GOP Senator Ron Johnson this morning until there was nothing left of him. Donald Trump doesn’t have many high profile surrogates left – and at this point Johnson is hurting Trump more than he’s helping him.

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