Ron DeSantis takes it on the chin

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If you’re surprised that Ron DeSantis is now cranking out tone deaf political ads where he looks like an overstuffed turkey trying to fit into a flight suit and getting widely mocked for it, you shouldn’t be. He’s not some powerhouse. He’s only in office because Trump put him there. DeSantis has shown time and again that he has zero political savvy. He’s vindictive and evil, but he’s also a moron who’s in way over his head.

For a year and a half we’ve had to listen to the media and pundit class (on the left and right) insist that DeSantis is smart, savvy, and inevitable. But if you’ve actually paid attention to him, he’s none of these things. Not within a million miles.

It’s not just that DeSantis has a political IQ of zero and lacks even Trump’s simplistic sense of strategy. It’s that DeSantis is one of the most personsally insecure people in all of politics, and is therefore even more prone to getting distracted by petty feuds than Trump was. DeSantis simply cannot keep his eye on the ball, not even for his own good.

Ron DeSantis is essentially a pissier version of Mehmet Oz. DeSantis is a terrible, terrible campaigner. He was completely inept on the campaign trail in 2018 and wouldn’t have even won the Republican nomination, let alone the general election, if Trump hadn’t been stumping so heavily for him, back at a time when Trump still had some influence.

Now that DeSantis is on his own, the only reason he isn’t in political ruin is that the media (on the left and right) has been fictionally portraying him as smart and savvy, so it can chase ratings by absurdly playing him up as a 2024 contender.

Fortunately, because DeSantis is an idiot who doesn’t know he’s an idiot, he’s not willing to just sit quietly and let the media build him up. Instead he’s out there running dumbass TV ads that make him a punchline. He has an overwhelming penchant for self destruction.

Someone as evil as DeSantis, particularly someone this evil who holds an office as powerful as governor, can’t simply be written off. He’s doing extreme damage in Florida. But he’s also a complete moron. If the media would accurately cover him, he’d lose reelection in 2022 for sure.

As it stands, we’ll see what happens in the Florida 2022 race for Governor. The Democrats just nominated Charlie Crist, a mild mannered but respected figure, who might prove to be the antidote to DeSantis’ tantrum-prone unprofessionalism. The political pundit industry keeps saying DeSantis is a lock in 2022, but they’re biased. They want him to win reelection, so they can keep chasing ratings by mentioning his name and 2024 in the same sentence. In the meantime we’re keeping a close eye on the Florida 2022 race to see how it shapes up. You can find the Charlie Crist campaign right here.

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