Ron DeSantis limps back to Florida

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Ron DeSantis is home sweet home. And rumor has it he may just announce his candidacy for President soon. Or not. You see, the scowling, repugnant goofball of a governor has some pressing issues that just won’t wait! What are they? I’m sure you can guess because it’s always the same issue with Ron.

There is only one thing that appears to be a priority for the great big bully, only one thing that whispers to him at night, that cools the sweat on his brow, that beckons to him like an enchanting siren beckons to a dazed sailor.

And Ron is heeding the call, listening to the echoing song that sings for him and only him. Ronneeeee….. This is his nemesis — the thing that eats at him and stirs within his psyche. This is the Mouse. Yes, DeSantis appears to be making the Mouse priority number ONE. The DeSantis handpicked board has voted to countersue Disney.

Oh, Ronny — you should have jumped ship. You should have sailed away while you still could. The Governor, whose mind seems to have turned to mouse-mush, seems determined to go after the smiling mouse with his own litigation — for what I can’t imagine, but we’re sure he’ll find something.

“Since Disney sued us — yes, we didn’t sue Disney, Disney sued us – we have no choice now but to respond,” said Martin Garcia, chairman of the Central Florida tourism oversight board. “Yes,” he added. “We’ll seek justice in our own backyard.” This is turning into a Hatfield-McCoy type of feud. And just what type of “justice” are DeSantis and his pals seeking?

In, in any event — this litigation against Disney has been filed and it’s 188 pages long. Ronny is asking the 9th circuit to render Disney’s desire to maintain control of its own land “void.” As you can see, DeSantis appears to have his mind elsewhere from the presidency. And people are noticing.

“He’s seeming a little obsessed,” someone on social media remarked. “Disney might need a restraining order against Ron,” said another. The Governor is indeed coming off as a bit of a Mouse-stalker. Between this and his penchant for finger-pudding meals, Ronny looks stranger and stranger, not that he appears to be aware of this.

So — a presidential run? What would be his platform? I’m sure the mouse would feature in there somewhere because Ronny-boy doesn’t seem to be able to live without Disney and Mickey. Just call him obsessed.

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