Ron DeSantis just stepped in it

There’s a reason the polls show that Floridians are continuing to turn against Governor Ron DeSantis. He’s the kind of arrogant nitwit who’s both screwing everything up and trying to massively overreach.

For instance, DeSantis decided to try to stop school districts from enacting mask mandates, even though the polls show that most Floridians favor such mandates. Then he lost the battle in court, thus ensuring his humiliation. Instead of just taking the loss and trying to find some other battle to fight, DeSantis has now apparently decided to just go ahead and try to punish school districts anyway:


To be clear, this has zero chance of working. You can’t lose in court and then just magically pull off the thing that the courts decided you can’t do. This will only get DeSantis in even more legal trouble, with more court losses, more ugly headlines, and more humiliation, as more Florida voters see that he’s not just inept, he’s a complete clown. No wonder DeSantis’ numbers are falling in Florida. He’s intent on finishing himself off.

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