Ron DeSantis just made it even worse for himself

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis thinks he can save his flagging political career by behaving more and more like Donald Trump. There are two problems with that theory. First, Trump lost badly in 2020 and has since had his life ripped apart, meaning his strategy was a failed one. Second, DeSantis is too dumb to understand what Trump was even trying to do.

For instance, Trump loved taking ugly pot shots on Twitter at iconic American businesses, usually just to distract from his own worsening scandals. But Trump knew that doing so wasn’t going to cause these companies to suddenly move out of the United States simply in retaliation for a mean tweet. It was a Twitter fight and nothing more.

Then there’s Ron DeSantis. He’s been trying to pander to Trump’s extremist base by blocking Florida businesses from requiring vaccinations for anything. This has gone so poorly, Norwegian Cruise Line is threatening to pack up and leave Florida. DeSantis, ever the idiot, is responding to this by insisting that he doesn’t care because Norwegian is “not one of the big” cruise lines. Really?

This is entirely different than Trump’s Twitter spats with American companies, which served little point, but didn’t exactly hurt anyone involved. DeSantis is making clown show policy moves that are forcing major businesses to consider actually leaving his state – which would deliver an ugly blow to Florida’s economy, and motivate the people in the middle to vote for DeSantis’ Democratic opponent in 2022.

Ron DeSantis is in full scale meltdown. He actually thinks that chasing a major cruise line out of the state is somehow going to help him politically. He’s just that stupid, arrogant, and self destructive. Not only is he the worst governor in the nation, he’s also the most politically inept – which is why he’s beatable in 2022.

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