Ron DeSantis is in over his head

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Let’s talk about trolls. Many of us have had nasty experiences with trolls. They’re all over the place, trying to infect good conversations with their dismal and dark whining. One can always tell who the trolls are because they have virtually nothing to say other than to insult whatever or whoever they’re trolling.

I’ve had a few trolls, as has Palmer Report in general. They lead depressing lives, ruminating about writers and media they don’t like. Of course, one wonders why they do not find something they DO like but I suppose they can’t. That’s why they’re trolls.

But politicians can be trolls as well. These politicians usually pick an issue that they know will cause outrage from their base — and then they set out to troll, sometimes causing a great deal of damage.

Governor Ron “Troll” DeSantis is one of those people. He did more than troll, though. He kidnapped Migrants. And now he’s in a great deal of trouble. As we reported, a criminal investigation has been opened against him.

And the other day, Troll DeSantis finally responded to this investigation. “They said they wanted this” That was his response, proving once again we have nothing to fear from DeSantis in politics. He is far too stupid to ever make it that far. Appearing on Fox non-news, DeSantis struggled earnestly to be heard.

Only DeSantis really did not answer many questions, possibly because this IS Fox, and few hard-hitting questions were asked of him. Instead, he moaned and groaned about President Biden. He also inadvertently insulted Texas Governor Greg Abbott with this comment.

Speaking about Migrants, Ron said: “You had 50 die in the Rio Grande. You had 50 die in Texas in a trailer.” Yes, Ronny Dear, but that is likely because your partner in slime, Greg Abbott, is ALSO going after migrants at the border. That’s not Biden’s fault. Basically, DeSantis did nothing except whine — and whine — and whine some more. He is the king of whining. That is what I dub him.

I know many fear DeSantis. Please don’t. He is a media product, made up and elevated by desperate pundits seeking a story. He is a terrible politician, and isn’t it ironic that the two men most beloved by the GOP are both in deep trouble right now?

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