Ron DeSantis is about to get eaten alive


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I am hearing increasing chatter, some of it very worried, about the non-Governor actually having a shot at the highest office in the land. But he doesn’t. All this chatter is just empty noise. It’s filler. Let me tell you why. DeSantis is what I like to call “the poor man’s Trump.”

He’s Trump without the slimy showmanship. He’s Trump without the con. What he is, is a loud-mouthed little control freak with zero personal appeal and a whole lot of stupidity.

Imagine the Republican general Presidential primary. Imagine Ron having to explain to moderates and independents why his state — Florida — was (originally) the only state not to preorder the Covid vaccine for small children.

Imagine him being eaten alive by other Republican competitors — because that’s exactly what will happen. Imagine Ronny-boy moving to the middle. If he does that, he loses his small Maga base. Imagine a Ron DeSantis rally — how utterly boring it would be.

The fact is Ron is today’s flavor of the month — there are many flavors to come. They will come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. And none of them will be Desantis. Here today — gone tomorrow. That’s the way it is in politics. DeSantis also hates criticism. He will never be able to show humility.

Now some of you might be saying yeah, but Trump won. But that really isn’t relevant to DeSantis. There were special circumstances involved in the election of Trump. And although we all hate him, he did know how to suck up to media attention. DeSantis has no such skills.

Remember all the other “front-runners” who have failed to make it even to the finals. Remember Jeb Bush. Remember Rudy. Remember Rubio. And when 2024 comes along, we will be adding a new name to that ever-growing pool of names. We will be remembering Ron DeSantis — failed presidential contender, the worst contender of them all.


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