Roger Stone is already throwing people under the bus

When the January 6th Committee subpoenaed Roger Stone a few days ago, we predicted that if it came down to it, he’d flip on anyone necessary – including Donald Trump – if that’s what it ended up taking to keep himself out of prison. After all, Stone has already shown us all over the past few years that he’s desperate to avoid even one day in prison.

Now Stone is beginning to prove us correct already. He’s asking why the January 6th Committee hasn’t subpoenaed longtime Trump aide Katrina Pierson, accusing her of being “deeply involved in the violent and unlawful acts of January 6.” Ouch.


It’s not clear if Roger Stone is signaling that he can provide genuine evidence and testimony about Pierson, or if he’s just trying to deflect by making arbitrary accusations against someone whose name he’s recently seen in the headlines. Either way, it’s notable that Stone is indeed trying to throw people under the bus already.

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