New emails sink Roger Stone in Trump-Russia scandal

With all of the revelations and chaos that have dominated the foreground of the political landscape of late, from the Brett Kavanaugh scandal to the Paul Manafort plea deal, it’s been easy to forget that Donald Trump’s oldest friend Roger Stone is very close to being indicted and arrested. Now it turns out Special Counsel Robert Mueller has what he needs.

Robert Mueller’s grand jury proceedings against Roger Stone have been unusually public in nature, thanks to witnesses who keep running to the media, and details that keep leaking out. By all accounts, Mueller only had two holdout witnesses remaining: Stone’s longtime sidekick Andrew Miller, and far right political commentator Jerome Corsi. Miller is still fighting his subpoena. Corsi finally testified this past Friday. It looks like either Corsi has sold Stone out, or Mueller has found some other way of getting into Corsi’s emails, because Mueller has them.

One of the email exchanges depicts Roger Stone trying to go through Corsi and Ted Malloch to communicate with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, according to a new report from Ali Dukakis of ABC News. Considering that Russian hackers stole Democratic Party emails during the election, and gave them to WikiLeaks for publication, it’s a big deal that Stone was trying to coordinate with Assange before those emails became public. Whether or not these emails prove that Stone was criminally conspiring with Assange, they do prove that Stone committed perjury when he testified before Congress several months ago.

Roger Stone responded to the news by posting this to Instagram: “yet another of my associates was dragged before the Grand Jury by out-of-control Special Counsel Robert Mueller … it appears that Mueller now seeks to frame me.” Stone previously stated that he was “prepared” for the possibility of being indicted and arrested. Now he appears to take that as a given, and he’s trying to spin it as a frame job.

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