Merry Christmas: Donald Trump just threw Roger Stone under the bus

Roger Stone has been convicted of seven felonies. He’s about to be sentenced to prison for a couple years, which he’ll have to serve in solitary confinement due to his status as a public figure. Considering his age and seemingly deteriorating health and mental state, it’s unlikely he’ll ever get out of prison. His life is effectively over, unless his oldest friend Donald Trump gives him the Christmas gift of a federal pardon.

Based on what Donald Trump just said, Roger Stone shouldn’t get his hopes up. Each time one of Trump’s henchmen has been brought to justice, Trump has made a consistent habit of distancing himself from them. Trump seems to think that if he downplays the role that the person played in his campaign or administration, it’ll make Trump look less guilty when the person goes to prison. In other words, Trump has no loyalty to these people at all. Yesterday, Trump inexplicably made a point of throwing Stone under the bus.

Donald Trump (falsely) said that Roger Stone “was not involved in my campaign in any way other than the very, very beginning before, I think long before I announced a little bit.” The real truth is that Stone played a key, if unofficial, role in the Trump 2016 campaign. By all accounts, Trump and Stone spoke on a regular basis during the campaign, and we all know that Stone was acting as a go-between for the campaign and WikiLeaks.


Despite all that Roger Stone did during the campaign to try to help Donald Trump rig the election, and despite a forty year close friendship, Trump is now throwing Stone to the lions just like he’s done with his other advisers who’ve gotten nailed by the justice system. Trump’s remaining henchmen would do well to cut plea deals against him before they end up in prison as well.

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