RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel flames out in embarrassing fashion

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Tales have been told through history of many battles and the heroes who fought and showed both nobility and courage. But there was also cowardice. In 31 BC, for example, there was the Civil War between Roman warrior Marc Anthony and Octavian, great-Nephew of Julius Caesar.

Anthony lost that war when his troops betrayed him, abandoning their leader and riding to meet the enemy with peace offerings. Anthony wound up committing suicide. And through the years, cowards and betrayers have emerged, all playing their roles as was written in the stars. Cowards find it difficult to find bravery. Perhaps the art of courage is just not in their souls.

We see it all the time in the world we now occupy. The GOP has lost itself over its muteness — its inability to call out evil. They have chosen their own selves over loyalty to America. And history will judge them quite harshly indeed. It’s all the worse when one is a leader. Leaders have influence. I’m sure Ronna McDaniel is well aware of this fact. Ronna is the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee. And she is a coward.

McDaniel has just taken a stand. This stand is against our country. It is a stand of cowardice, showing the blank and empty soul of the chairwoman. Ronna has come out in support of the insurrectionists.

Reportedly, McDaniel, per MSNBC, worked behind the scenes to make sure Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger were censored as they just have been. And she made quite the statement. It goes like this: “We’ve had two members engage in a Democrat-led persecution of ordinary citizens who engaged in legitimate political discourse.”

ORDINARY CITIZENS. In my opinion, McDaniel needs to resign. What would make said citizens “non-ordinary” Ms. McDaniel? If they had succeeded that bloody day in January and hung the VP on public television, would they still be “ordinary?”

What if half of Congress was murdered? Ordinary? Are you saying it is now OK to beat, punch, mutilate, and brutalize our men in Blue? What say you, McDaniel? The past sometimes blurs with the present, and right now, that’s never been more true.

I think of the soldiers so long ago betraying their leader, Mark Anthony, out of weakness. Then their faces merge into the Republican party of today, and McDaniel, who deems traitors as ordinary people. History always has the power to recreate itself. And it’s always the weak-willed who turn away from their love of country. Resign Ronna McDaniel.

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