Donald Trump is ripping the Republican Party to pieces in real time

– To give you an idea of just how poorly Donald Trump’s Georgia rally went for the Republicans, his supporters ended up drowning out Perdue and Loeffler when they tried to speak, with chants like “Fight for Trump” and “Stop the steal.” No one at that rally had any interest in voting in the runoffs. The GOP has a real problem here. Good.

– In yet another sign that Team Trump is eating itself alive, Judge Jeanine Pirro went on an incoherent rant during her Fox News show on Saturday night and ended up calling Bill Barr a “reptile.” It didn’t make any more sense in context.

– Trump is now accusing Arizona’s Republican Governor of knowingly signing a fraudulent document. This comes after Trump accused Georgia’s Republican Governor of malfeasance earlier in the day. Next he’ll be calling for them to be locked up. The Republicans did this to themselves when they put a psychotic criminal atop their party. He was always going to destroy them on his way down.

– In the latest sign that Trump truly is losing it, at around one in the morning he tweeted “Melissa is great!” Then he started retweeting “cat turd” again. Forty-five days and this guy won’t be our problem anymore.

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