Donald Trump’s presidency is dead and what we’re seeing now is rigor mortis

Donald Trump’s presidency is dead, and what you’re seeing right now is rigor mortis. Trump’s longtime “attorney” Michael Cohen just pleaded the Fifth Amendment in Trump’s latest scandal, even as Trump’s new “attorney” Rudy Giuliani is busy trying to negotiate Trump’s exit from office. Trump spent the day convincing Kanye West to dry-hump him as a distraction, but that didn’t work for long, so now Trump is revealing his most desperate attempt at a distraction yet.

Palmer Report pointed out that Trump’s boastful tweets about Kanye had gone rather silent once the news broke that Cohen was pleading the Fifth, and it became the new trending topic on Twitter. Now Trump has finally mustered a response, and it goes like this: “I will be interviewed on Fox And Friends at 8:00 A.M. Enjoy!”

That’s right, the genius is now going to babble incoherently on his favorite propaganda channel, in the hope of changing the media narrative away from the deceased nature of his presidency. This will fire up Trump’s base, but as we’ve explained before, Trump’s base alone isn’t large enough to save him. What’s really going to happen is that Trump is going to say a series of stupid things that cause his non-base supporters to come even closer to giving up on him, even as he blurts out the kinds of self incriminating things that Robert Mueller will be studiously watching again and again on the DVR.

So here we go. Donald Trump, who is psychologically dysfunctional and increasingly suffering from cognitive issues, has decided to take things into his own hands by vomiting all over the Fox News set in the morning. Then again, there’s not much left for Trump to lose. With Cohen headed to prison, and Giuliani trying to sell him out, and no one else willing to take the case, Trump might as well be the one to finish himself off.