Joe Biden just nailed it

Saturday was a huge win for Joe Biden. With only a few days until Super Tuesday, this could result in a major advantage for Biden. At the same time, such a result in the South Carolina primary might not mean everything. While the turnout in South Carolina was quite impressive, it does not guarantee any future vote. Despite that, it appears that the number of primary voters will be close to equaling or exceeding the high mark of previous votes.

This primary state election came down to deciding how America should move forward. While we all have different visions for the future of America, I believe most sane people agree that we should do everything in our power to ensure Donald Trump’s time in office is minimized. The majority of Americans agree that Trump’s time in office has done more harm than good. This attitude has been well documented, especially among those who have already made their mark on the 2020 Democratic primaries.

“I think that white moderate voters and suburban voters in South Carolina are mad. They just absolutely had enough of what’s taking place in the White House,” says Trav Robinson, South Carolina Democratic Party Chair. He continued, “And I think it will translate to anyone associated with Donald Trump. And we’re going to see if that sees through to November, but at the end of the day we think there’s some problems here.”


We must all work together to ensure Trump’s illegitimate time in office is limited to one term. As Palmer Report said last night, it’s important to watch the outcome of Super Tuesday before we make rash decisions. After that, we must make important decisions to best save America.

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