Rick Scott spirals out of control as the Florida elections start to slip away from him

The 2018 races for Governor and Senator in Florida have turned out to be as suspiciously stacked in the Republicans’ favor as the 2106 race for President was in Florida, and the most obvious commonality is that Rick Scott has been the Governor overseeing all of the above rig-jobs. Scott also happens to be the GOP candidate in the 2018 Senate in question. Not shockingly, he’s done everything he could to try to prevent all the votes from being counted – but his efforts are starting to slip away from him, and he knows it.

Rick Scott is a career criminal who used his position as a health care CEO to defraud Medicare, before using his position as Governor to steal the pensions of teachers and other public servants in Florida. So no one is surprised that he keeps finding himself at the center of the Republican Party’s election rigging scandals; he’s the kind of crook who’s tailor made for the modern GOP.

True to form, Rick Scott has been trying to prevent a legitimate vote count from happening in Florida this week. First he falsely accused Democrat-heavy Broward County of voter fraud, and sent in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to investigate. But that failed when the FDLE quickly concluded that there was no fraud in the county. So now Scott is spiraling out of control.

So far this evening Rick Scott has filed three bogus lawsuits aimed at preventing the votes from being properly counted. He’s trying to have the voting machines and ballots impounded in the midst of being counted, presumably so his henchmen can screw with the results. And, even though his own FDLE officials have confirmed that there was no voter fraud on the part of Democrats, he’s still using the word “fraud” in interviews.

Rick Scott is now dangerously close to felony election tampering. He’s always been something of a cautious criminal throughout his life, which is why he’s never been brought to justice. But as his desperation mounts to rig his own Senate election and he spirals further out of control in an effort to salvage his rig-job, perhaps he’ll screw up in the kind of fashion that might finally bring him to justice for his crimes.

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