Donald Trump seeks revenge on his way out the door

Yesterday Palmer Report pointed out an emerging pattern in which certain Republicans like Ben Sasse and Susan Collins were trying to belatedly and incrementally distance themselves from Donald Trump, under the expectation that he’s going to lose, and the hope that they can subsequently cast themselves as having been anti-Trump all along. We also noted that Trump had begun lashing out at these Republican quasi-defectors, calling for their careers to end.

Now it turns out there’s been more of this going on than we knew. Donald Trump’s team is now leaking to the Daily Beast that Trump has begun “taking down names” of Republicans who are daring to meekly speak out against him, so he can carry out revenge on them. It’s not clear to what extent Trump is leaking this because he wants to scare the other Republicans out of turning against him, and to what extent Trump is simply looking to take out his frustrations over losing.

Either way, various members of Donald Trump’s own party are now spending the final days of the 2020 election trying to figure out how to throw him under the bus, even as Trump is spending the final days of the election openly calling for various members of his own party to lose their seats. It’s a calamitous, yet predictable, ending to the debacle. Let’s make sure we turn out and vote in huge numbers and get all of these GOP lowlifes out of office.

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