Jeff Sessions’ revenge against Donald Trump

The minute Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Trump-Russia investigation, two things were immediately clear. First, Donald Trump would someday fire him once the investigation finally began to close in on Trump and his family. Sure enough, Trump pulled the proverbial trigger yesterday. That brings us to the second thing.

Jeff Sessions obviously had no intention of ever putting himself at risk by sticking his neck out for Donald Trump. It’s why he recused himself at the first sign of trouble. That tells us that Sessions was never going to hesitate to fully sell Trump out to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

After all, Sessions still has that potential perjury charge hanging over his head – which comes with prison time – and the best way to reduce or avoid that is to give Mueller all the cooperation in the world.

In fact it’s difficult to imagine that Jeff Sessions hasn’t been selling Donald Trump out to Robert Mueller behind his back all this time. Why wouldn’t he? In any case, if Sessions hasn’t already cut some kind of plea deal or immunity deal with Mueller, it’s certainly going to happen now. Sessions wanted the Attorney General job so he could carry out his deranged racist fantasies. But now that Trump has taken that away from him, Sessions gets a chance to get his revenge. Trump may come to regret this rather quickly.