Ahead of his arrest, Roger Stone returns to the scene of the crime

It’s become so obvious that Roger Stone is about to be arrested, even he’s publicly acknowledging it. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s grand jury proceedings are working their way through those witnesses closest to Stone, a sign that an indictment and arrest are all but imminent. So what’s Stone doing? Trying to cash in while he still can – by returning to the scene of the crime.

Back in 2016, Roger Stone got a little too excited about the Trump-Russia plot to rig the election, which was still underway, and was still largely a secret. While giving a speech to the Southwest Broward Republican Organization, Stone bragged that he’d been in communication with WikiLeaks cyberterrorist Julian Assange. Investigators later learned that Stone had been seeking Hillary Clinton’s emails from WikiLeaks, which he appeared to believe were stolen by Russian hackers.

Two years later, now that Stone is on the verge of being indicted, what’s he doing? He and his grandson are out trying to raise money, claiming that the legal fees are too much to bear. And where has that journey taken him? Right back to the Southwest Broward Republican Organization, where he spoke last night, according to local newspaper the Sun-Sentinel. This probably isn’t a coincidence, and shouldn’t be overlooked.

When people are facing their end, they often return to where things first went wrong for them. Roger Stone’s loose lips at that meeting in 2016 have gone a long way to helping to expose his friend Donald Trump as having treasonously plotted with Russia to get himself into the Oval Office, and also gone a long way toward Stone’s upcoming arrest. Depending on whether he gets bail, whether he cuts a plea deal, and how a trial might go, Stone may never see another day of freedom once he’s arrested. So it’s a big deal that he’s choosing now to retrace his steps. He seems to believe that his arrest is coming even sooner than we thought.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report