Donald Trump’s response to the Pee Pee Tape

Donald Trump is a brazen liar. The examples of his uttering and tweeting falsehoods have been documented by media outlets like PolitiFact, which keeps a running tally. It is exhausting and infuriating, but it is likely to get worse because whether Trump’s base believes or excuses his lies, they show unwavering support for him. Desperate times call for desperate measures and the mid-term elections are looking bleak for Republicans, so Trump’s attempts to rally the base will surely include a steady onslaught of falsehoods.

While Trump has not been audacious enough to publicly deny his predatory words on the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape, those denials have occurred in private conversations.

Just imagine what will happen if the supposed Pee Pee Tape from the Steele Dossier surfaces? Comedians like Richard Pryor have performed skits where a cheating man is caught in bed by his wife says, “Are you going believe me or your lying eyes?”. Trump is likely to make a similar declaration and rely upon the willingness of many conservative Americans to traffic in and believe ridiculous conspiracy theories.

Unfortunately, companies like Pinscreen and FakeApp have developed the technology to fabricate videos. It is only going to get worse and bears watching for potential political subterfuge in the future. But in the meantime, if the Pee Pee Tape is released, cries of “fake news” will be instantaneous. Media outlets like Fox News will report on Pinscreen and FakeApp to sow the seeds of doubt about the tape’s credibility. The Trump ‘gaslighting’ of America will reach new heights. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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