Donald Trump just handed the Resistance a major victory

The irony of Donald Trump’s now-inevitable downfall is that the more egregious and grotesque his behavior becomes, the more quickly he’ll be ousted. His treasonous words during his summit with Vladimir Putin on Monday represented one of the ugliest moments in American history. But it also made it easier for the Resistance to take him down, because it shifted mainstream public opinion against him, and helped crystallize him as a traitorous Russian puppet. Now Trump has just handed the Resistance another major victory.

Donald Trump floated the idea yesterday of bringing Vladimir Putin to the White House this fall. It was such a ludicrous proposal that when Trump’s own Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats was told about it during an on-camera interview, he laughed sarcastically in disgust. Even Trump’s own people have had enough of this crap. Take a moment to think about how this latest debacle is going to play in the eyes of the American public.

Trump’s fate will never, ever, ever be decided by his own core base. They’re roughly 15% to 20% of the country, and they’re not large enough to keep him propped up on their own. His approval rating is roughly twice that large, thanks to his non-base supporters who have never loved him, but just haven’t been ready to give up on him. They’ve long heard accusations that he’s a Russian asset, and they’ve heard his assertions that it’s fake news. They’ve been waiting for confirmation one way or the other before deciding whether to give up on him.

These types have spent all week hearing every major news outlet – even Fox News – call out Donald Trump for his treasonous performance at that Putin press conference. They know full well now that something isn’t right. They’ve also seen Trump change his story several times as the week has gone on, a clear indication that he’s hiding something. And now, with all corners accusing Trump of being a Putin-loyal traitor, Trump is responding by saying he wants to bring Putin to the White House. Trump just did a huge favor to those trying to oust him.

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