We’ve officially reached the resignation stage of Donald Trump’s child concentration camp scandal

From a human life and dignity standpoint, Donald Trump’s immigrant concentration camp scandal is a crime against humanity that should result in everyone involved spending the rest of their lives in prison. From a political standpoint, Trump’s concentration camps are finally playing so poorly for him, we’ve reached the resignation stage of the scandal.

For months, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection has had no Commissioner, and has instead been run by Acting Commissioner John Sanders. But now he’s abruptly resigning, according to the New York Times, just as the true depravity of the Trump regime’s concentration camps is coming to light – where children are being held prisoner in subhuman conditions and are being denied such basic necessities as soap.

It’s not entirely clear if Sanders is resigning because he’s embarrassed that this horror show has been publicly exposed on his watch, or if he’s being forced to resign by the Trump regime because someone has to take the fall. For that matter, if he is being scapegoated, it’s not even clear if the Trump regime is forcing him out because of the bad publicity from the camps, or simply because Sanders hasn’t somehow made all the immigrants at the border disappear, as Trump clearly wants.

Sanders has been Acting Commissioner for two months, so he knew darn well how those kids were being abused, and he clearly did nothing to rectify it – but he’s not the person who needs to resign over this. Donald Trump is 100% to blame for these child concentration camps, and he should be criminally indicted for running them.

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