Republicans in disarray

Whenever the Democrats even so much as slightly disagree with each other on something, the media dutifully busts out the “Democrats in disarray” headlines. And why not? It alarms the left and excites the right, making for an easy ratings play, whether there’s any truth to it or not.

Right now we’re seeing something else: Republicans in disarray. After all, infamous Republican Congressman Louis Gohmert just filed a lawsuit against Republican Vice President Mike Pence, aimed at forcing Pence to refuse to accept the results of the election on January 6th.


To be clear, this has literally zero chance of going anywhere, as will be the case with every other bit of whacked out nonsense that the Republicans come up with between now and the end of Trump’s term. But we’ve nonetheless reached the point where a Republican Congressman is suing the Republican Vice President. That’s how out of control things are for the Republicans. Just imagine the headlines if this kind of internal chaos were playing out on the Democratic Party side.

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