Republicans are now eating their own

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The Republican party is hard at work playing the anger games. What are the anger games? They’re all the GOP has these days. These are the games of outrage — the anger of the malcontent — the unauthentic rage toward anyone different from themselves.

The anger games are why they are going to lose in 2024. The GOP is so out of touch with the American people, so exiled from mainstream thoughts and beliefs, that they indeed are in danger of disintegrating into one angry ball of hate.

Anger. That is literally — it’s literally — ALL WE SEE from our non-friends on the right. Most have forgotten how to smile anymore. Most do not look like they feel joy. All we see is one huge, universal scowl from them.

It’s a bunch of cavemen (and women) completely out of touch with reality, huffing and puffing, looking like the type of people one sees in alleyways and runs from. One good example is the Texas GOP deciding to censure one of their own, Tony Gonzales. Gonzales’s crime? Breaking with his party on sensible gun legislation.

Believe it or not, this happened this weekend. Gonzales was supporting some modest gun safety measures. This support for gun safety seems to have been inspired by the fact that his district has Uvalde, Texas, and he wanted to support the grieving families.

But Republicans have no support to give anyone. Indeed all they have are tried platitudes, the empty and over-tired ways of the anger games. So they voted to censure him. I wonder what it would be like being in a perpetual state of “Gym Jordan anger” and angst. Does it beg the question: what do republicans have other than anger?

It does not appear they have much. Anger is everywhere for the GOP seeping through their pores and straining their ability to win elections. And people are tired of the anger games. They seem to be all the GOP is good at these days, and these games are eating them alive and resulting in their total destruction.

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