Republican Secret Santa

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“I am absolutely heartbroken! That you’ve ignored us time and time again. At one moment, you would have JUMPED at the opportunity to supply House Republicans with the information they need to verify the results of our Midterm Elections.”

Wow. Talk about turning on your voters. This is an email from the Republican party. It was published by Jeremy Schulman of Mother Jones. “You won’t even lift a finger!” A guilt complex? Is this the latest republican scheme? It appears so. It makes sense, I suppose. The GOP appears in the things of a meltdown still over how badly they did in the midterms.

Fingers pointing, tongues wagging, the GOP appears ready, willing, and eager to blame everyone but themselves. And make no mistake, the GOP themselves are the guilty party here. They lost because they had losers as candidates. They lost because they put up freakish people who have not one iota of understanding of the American people.

They lost because they had no policy positions and no winning messaging. In fact, they had no message at all — except for stealing the rights of women, minorities, and the LGBTQ population. And now they’re failing.

How do we know? Because of their emails, for one. Here is the text of yet another one. This one even references Nancy Pelosi.

“Look, House Republicans FAILED our FIRST end-of-month deadline since we fired Pelosi!”

“Democrats are gleeful.”

Assumptions, assumptions, republicans. We’re not merely gleeful; we’re ECSTATIC. But here’s the kicker. Brace yourselves. The GOP has coined a new phrase. “But our secret Republican Santas are really disappointed because you failed to accept their 13x match.”

Secret republican Santas? What in the heck are they talking about? So — are there little republican elves secretly going through the files of who is donating and who is not? Who are these “secret republican Santas” the GOP speaks of?

This is a horrible fundraising email, and I bet they will fall short again. After all, guilting your voters into donating is really not a good way of getting their money. The poor GOP (sarcasm.) They just don’t get it.

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