Republican retreads are already lining up for more punishment


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Why don’t Republicans ever learn? Over and over, they lose elections. There is a message for them, and it’s screaming bloody murder. That message is: “It’s not working, republicans.”

They don’t seem to see it, though. As Republicans lose — and lose — and lose — they close their eyes. As Republicans offer unpopular message after unpopular message, they do not see how they are turning off the American people.

Denial is a strong mechanism. When someone is experiencing the art of denial, that usually means they don’t WANT to see the truth. They CAN’T know the truth. They have their hands over their ears and will not listen no matter how hard the warnings try to reach them.

Now let’s look at Pennsylvania. We won there big in the midterms. We won the senate race. We won the governorship. We defeated election deniers there, and the GOP lost big. So why don’t they learn? Why can’t they SEE the messaging right in front of them?

Doug Mastriano ran for governor and lost. He is a Republican election denier who suffered a massive loss in the midterms mainly because he’s a quack. And he has announced that he has some “crazy good news” to announce next week.

This news is likely about the Pennsylvania Senate race. Mastriano has been hinting for months now that he was thinking of running. This is a person who lost by a landslide. The people of Pennsylvania DON’T WANT HIM. They have all but screamed that message to him.

He lost the governor’s race by 15 points. It’s obvious that he is not wanted in Pennsylvania. But it isn’t just him. Kari Lake is sniffing around the Arizona Senate race. So is Blake Masters.

All over the country, Republicans are once again dealing with — shitty candidates. There’s just no other way to say it. It makes me wonder if the GOP even wants to win any longer. It makes me wonder if they care.

I say this because Republicans’ priorities these days seem to be doing everything possible to turn off the American people.

Americans don’t want abortion bans.
The GOP is working hard to give them abortion bans.

The American people don’t want their healthcare or social security messed with.
The GOP wants to mess with healthcare and social security.

The American people don’t want insurrectionist candidates.
The GOP is working hard at getting the American people insurrectionist candidates.

On and on, it goes. It’s like an endless loop from a rollicking merry-go-round, around and around the GOP goes. It’s a flurry of old and stale ideas, agitated and crazy candidates whom the American people have long rejected, all repeating on an endless loop, and the GOP simply won’t learn that they’re NOT WANTED.



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