Republican Party of Michigan just stepped in it royally for 2024

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On Sunday, Donald Trump congratulated one of his supporters, political zombie and alt-right wingnut Kristina Karamo, following her takeover of the Michigan Republican Party. Trump actually referred to her as a “fearless election denier” in a “Truth” Social post.

“If Republicans (and others!) would speak the truth [sic] about the Rigged Presidential Election of 2020, like FoxNews should, but doesn’t, they would be far better off,” Trump whined. Meanwhile Fox is being sued for $1.6 billion for doing just that.

Anyway, in a disgusting act of coming back from the political dead, election conspiracist Karamo, who was overwhelmingly defeated last year in her bid to become Michigan secretary of state, was chosen on Saturday to lead the state Republican party for the next two years.

Not to suggest that the undead Kamano isn’t qualified for the role. She has a masters degree from Biola University for, get ready for this brothers and sisters, “Christian apologetics.” Welcome to the world of alleged separation of church and state.

Unbelievably, Karamo defeated a 10-candidate field already dominated by far-right candidates to win the position after a party convention that lasted nearly 11 hours. In 2022, Karamo lost her secretary of state bid by 14 points after mounting a campaign in support of Donald Trump’s Big Lie, that his 2020 election defeat was the result of electoral fraud. It was not, of course. Even Trump knows that.

Now Karamo inherits a state party torn by infighting and millions of dollars of debt. Her job will be to help win back the legislature and flip one of the most competitive US Senate seats, while helping whoever the next Republican presidential candidate will be to win the battleground state.

In her address to the delegates, Karamo had a bit of good news. “Our party is dying,” she said. She went on to observe that the party needs to be rebuilt into “a political machine that strikes fear in the heart of Democrats.” I’m trembling already.

The decision to elect Karamo, who will lead the Michigan Republican Party through the 2024 elections, solidifies the hold far-right activists have on the state after sweeping losses last year directly because of the party’s far right tendencies. It’s as if they think the best way to cure cancer is more cancer..

In the past, the Michigan Republican Party has been led by figures including such drooling cretins as the former education secretary Betsy DeVos and the current national Republican chair, Ronna McDaniel. So naming Kristina Karam for the role is consistent, if nothing else.

There are eight million stories in the naked city of right wing Republican stupidity. This has been one of them. And, as ever, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends, stay safe.

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