Republican House just said the quiet part out loud


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The GOP doesn’t seem content with taking away rights for women, minorities, and LGBTQ individuals. Now they appear to want to yank away the rights of senior citizens as well.

Republicans have devised a new plan that they seem to think will get the American people’s votes. It involves raising the retirement age for social security to 70. Just when we thought they couldn’t go any lower, there they go. They always do, do they not?

It is true, though. Approximately 156 House Republicans have signed on to support legislation raising people’s retirement age.Not that this will go anywhere. This comes as republicans keep emphatically insisting they do not want to mess with social security.

But by voting to raise the retirement age, THEY ARE, messing with it. The GOP is unwilling to stop their dirty tricks and outrageous legislation, all of which makes life harder for the American people and not easier.

But here’s the thing — we must make sure people know about it. So many ask why people vote for a party that continuously tries to destroy their lives. And it is a fair question.

One of the reasons is that they need to HEAR about these types of bills. My friends, the news cycles are getting shorter, and some of these things do not even make it into the news. Have you seen this story on the front page of any news organization”s pages?


So we have to let people know. That is why I encourage you to tweet out this story, email it, bookmark it, and do everything you can to warn people what they are up to.



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