Republican Governors up for reelection in 2022 hit the panic button over Donald Trump debacle

There appears to be a subtle shift in the wind. According to multiple reports, some Republicans are concerned. Their concern is about the 2022 midterms. And one of their biggest concerns is assolini himself.

There was a recent Republican Governors Association meeting. Reportedly, amid the many discussions, the subject of Donnie Do Wrong came up. Several of the Governors voiced concerns.

Their concerns have to do with the outrageousness of some of the candidates iq4.5 is endorsing — and will endorse. His choices are becoming kookier and more worrying for the insurrection party.

The Governors also worry about Mussolini and Cheese trying to cancel all the GOP members who voted for Biden’s infrastructure bill. This is a worry Trump seems happy to stoke as he goes about his vengeful and unhinged railing against these Republicans.

And these Governors are worried that Trump’s interference could cost them valuable seats in 2022 — mainly because the orange bat appears ready, willing, and able to threaten and carry out primary challenges with potential crackpot candidates.

Also, a worry is the divisiveness Diaper-Donnie is causing. He recently labeled Moscow Mitch an “old crow,” which made some in the insurrection party deeply unhappy.

It is not helping matters that some of the more extreme loonies on the right are indulging the fake idea of Trump becoming House Speaker — something that will not happen and could not because that would require assolini to do actual work — which he doesn’t like.


So, what is a glum GOP Governor to do? Might I suggest telling the insurrectionist where he can go? And then perhaps denouncing his hate speech? Oh — right, that can’t happen because that would require having a spine, something that fewer and fewer Republicans appear to possess.

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