The real reason Donald Trump has to be impeached

I’m calling for our lawmakers to do the right thing and impeach the president of the United States. This call is not about not liking him, or about the president belonging to a different political party than I do. It’s about making sure that no one is above the rule of law. It’s also about having a set standard for every American citizen, especially those who serve the people.

The Mueller report clearly states how Donald Trump has committed several acts of obstruction of justice, including bullying witnesses, urging his people to lie to Congress, and much more. And there is still a lot of info that is being redacted due to classified information and national security. The fact that there is sensitive information in the investigation alone can put our country’s security in jeopardy. A president is a person who is supposed to be a leader not a liability.

Trump’s tweets this week, intimidating members of the media out in the open on a social media platform, are reckless. What’s really a scary thought is that if he has no shame in intimidating people in a public forum, what has he said and done behind closed doors? I am also calling for Press Secretary Sarah Sanders to resign. In the report it shows she admitted that she made false statements to the public about Trump’s obstruction. Her job as a Press Secretary is to inform the public, not to be personally loyal to the President.


I have read and listened to the argument, “Why not just vote him out?” I say that sets a bad example because presidents in the past have been impeached for less, and if this president can get away with this, then it leads the way for more presidents to get away with crimes. We need to have accountability that shows the people we are still nation of laws and a democracy. I am calling for the impeachment of President Trump.

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