Donald Trump is already having a bad week, and it’s rapidly getting even worse

This has been a bad week for Donald Trump. He was clearly hoping that William Barr would shut down the Mueller investigation this week, and that did not happen. Trump’s Labor Secretary Alex Acosta was in the news for a plea deal he brokered that broke the law, and New York State has criminal charges ready to file against Paul Manafort, greatly weakening Trump’s power to pardon him, and sending a clear message to others who might hope for a pardon from the president.

Yet one big story went underreported this week. It is the story connecting the dots between not only convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump, but also Donald Trump and other sex offenders, and how it relates to the Trump-Russia scandal. Donald Trump’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein go beyond just two friends hanging out.

As reported by the Huffington Post in June of 2016, Donald Trump was credibly accused of raping a thirteen-year-old girl at a party hosted by Jeffrey Epstein. This accusation against Donald Trump is consistent with the criminal charges leveled against Jeffrey Epstein, which included rape of underage girls as well as soliciting underage girls for the sexual gratification of his friends. While news outlets are reporting about Trump’s friendship with Epstein, I have not heard anyone bring up the charges that were brought against Trump regarding an incident that allegedly took place at Epstein’s home and involved a then thirteen-year-old girl.

Trump also has ties to alleged pedophile George Nader, and of course his friend Robert Kraft was charged this week with patronizing a massage parlor where young Asian women were held against their will. Kraft denies any wrongdoing, but law enforcement officials claim to have tapes of Kraft engaging in sex acts inside the establishment.

Besides Trump’s friendships with pedophiles and other accused sex offenders, there is also his own words and behavior. Mariah Billado, the former Miss Vermont Teen USA, told Buzzfeed in 2016, that Trump entered the dressing room of the 1997 pageant unannounced while several young women were undressed. Trump reportedly said something like: “Don’t worry, ladies, I’ve seen it all before” to the undressed teenagers.

Half of America is currently speculating what kind of compromising information the Russian government has on Donald Trump. The speculation includes alleged tapes of Trump with prostitutes. In light of Trump’s friendships with pedophiles and sex offenders, is it possible that the prostitutes in the alleged tape of Donald Trump are underage? That would certainly make the alleged tape far more damaging and it would give the Kremlin more power over Trump.