Donald Trump’s rape culture

Every good dictator needs a propaganda czar, and Donald Trump is proving to be no exception. In other words, Trump hired a new Communications Director. His name is Bill Shine and he comes to the White House, otherwise known as Trump’s Home for Displaced Scumbags, straight from Fox News. Shine has never been accused of sexual harassment despite the prevalent rape culture Fox News has become infamous for. However he was at a high level of management while Roger Ailes was using Fox News as his personal hunting ground.

The general consensus is that Shine could not have possibly been ignorant of what was going on, and he allegedly was even involved in making sleazy rendezvous arrangements for co-workers. Most of these rendezvous were based on transactional arrangements, born from blackmail and bullying of female counterparts. Men like Ailes and O’Reilly were long considered “untouchable” at Fox News, at least until it became public, because assaulting women was apparently not viewed internally as cause for concern.

Bill Shine’s wife liked to take to Twitter to voice her various opinions, therefore we do know a bit about her personal beliefs, which gives us insight into Bill Shine’s personal opinions as well. Her Twitter account has since been deleted after her husband was announced as the next Communications Director to The White House. Darla Shine, author of the book “Happy Housewives,” doesn’t understand why black people can use the ‘n’ word and she can’t, and that about sums up all you need to know about Darla. It is pertinent to mention that she also retweeted some bizarre Putin theories about vaccines causing autism. Darla, like Trump and Rupert Murdoch and so many other Trump cronies, seems to delight in trading in tabloid trash. How fortunate for the KGB, as spreading misinformation is their specialty.

Fox News’ rape culture seems to be surreptitiously extending a tentacle over to Donald Trump’s White House. It is not likely a coincidence that the same day Trump announced Bill Shine’s appointment, he also hosted a rally where he denigrated two female members of the Democratic Party, Elizabeth Warren and Maxine Waters. Then he attacked the entire female gender by belittling rape victims and the #MeToo Movement. Is Trump declaring war on women? If so, it means he sees them as a threat to the next election cycle. Women across the country have become galvanized to run for office and would be happy to just stick a fork in Trump and declare him done.