Rand Paul has meltdown after the rest of the GOP Senate begins turning against Donald Trump

Just how radioactive has Donald Trump become? Even the Republicans in the Senate, who have been largely rubber-stamping his every corrupt and criminal move over the past two years, have finally decided to throw him under the bus on a key issue in the hope of protecting themselves from the fallout. One of Trump’s remaining allies in the Senate isn’t exactly taking the news well.

Donald Trump recently announced that he was abruptly withdrawing all U.S. troops from Syria, even though they’re in the midst of an important mission to try to finish off ISIS, and to protect the U.S.-allied Kurds from being genocidally wiped out. It’s clear to all involved that Trump made this decision not because he thinks it’s best for the U.S., but instead in order to please his puppet masters in Russia and Turkey. Accordingly, the Republican-controlled Senate is preparing to formally condemn Trump for it.

It’s not that the GOP has suddenly grown a conscience. It’s that a growing number of Republicans in the Senate have concluded that Donald Trump is going down, and they don’t want to go down with him. Republicans know that their constituents don’t like the idea of the U.S. military being screwed around with, and so they’ve decided that this is the issue they’re finally going to put their foot down on.

Just don’t ask Senator Rand Paul to get on board with it. He posted this frantic tweet tonight: “The GOP-controlled Senate is about to condemn POTUS for doing exactly what he promised to do! Why are my colleagues going after Donald Trump for putting America first & wanting to end wars that have gone for far too long? The swamp is unhappy tonight, but America is thrilled.”

Here’s the thing about Rand Paul. He’s long despised Donald Trump, as evidenced by the ugly personal insults they threw at each other during the 2016 election. But in mid 2018, Trump began publicly hinting that he had blackmail material on Rand Paul, and sure enough, just days later, Paul backed down from his planned objection to a Trump nominee. Since that time, Paul has become a cartoonish Trump supporter. Now it looks like Paul is preparing to go down with the sinking Trump ship.

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