Rand Paul goes completely off the deep end

– Escaped mental patient and Republican Senator Rand Paul posted a pro-Trump election conspiracy theory tonight that was so deranged, Twitter had to crack down on it. Rand Paul then began demanding an apology from Dr. Fauci for no apparent reason. It’s not clear what game Rand thinks he’s playing here. Then again he truly is deranged, so there may not be a coherent strategy.

– After President-elect Biden announced an all female White House Communications team this evening, Trump White House Press Secretary Kayleigh threw a fit, insisting that Trump had done the same. That’s hilarious, considering McEnany’s deputy is Judd Deere. McEnany’s lies just keep getting more pointless, transparent, and weird. Maybe she really is a pathological liar, as opposed to a strategic liar.

– Trump is now ranting and raving about the fact that he did far more poorly than downballot Republicans did. He’s holding it up as supposed proof that the presidential election was rigged against him. Who’s going to be the one to tell Trump that he’s simply that massively unpopular?

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