Rand Paul went around exposing people to coronavirus earlier today while he was awaiting his test results

For a moment there, we were inclined to feel bad for Rand Paul. The Republican Senator tested positive for the coronavirus today, and while he’s not showing any symptoms as of yet, it’s still a potentially deadly virus. Here’s the thing, though. Rand is one of the most selfishly evil people alive, and it looks like he’s now found a way to top himself.

According to the Washington Post, Rand Paul hit the Senate gym and took a dip in the Senate swimming pool this morning, while he was awaiting his coronavirus test results. Earlier we learned that Rand had lunch with his GOP Senate colleagues on Friday, before he was tested. If you have no reason to suspect you’re infected, then it’s not your fault if you expose people. But even after Rand reached the point where he felt compelled to get tested, he exposed others in the Senate while he was awaiting the test results.

This is frankly a criminal act on Rand Paul’s part. Yes, he had no symptoms. But what kind of recklessly self centered jackass decides he needs to be tested for the coronavirus due to his “extensive travel” and then goes around potentially infecting others while he’s awaiting the test results?


This is unbelievable – and yet, based on everything we already know about Rand Paul, it’s not surprising. Once this is over, Rand needs to be permanently expelled from the Senate for such a recklessly awful act. Considering he may have just given the virus to some of his more vulnerable colleagues, this could get ugly fast – for him and for them.

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