Donald Trump’s rally meltdown after Pittsburgh synagogue shooting is one of his lowest moments yet

America has been hit with three different terrorist attacks this week. In all three cases, the perpetrator was right in Donald Trump’s wheelhouse: far-right, racist, and deranged. Rather than take responsibility for any of it, Trump keeps ratcheting up his divisive and often violent rhetoric. Tonight he held yet another political rally, and this time he reached a new low while addressing today’s terrorist attack at a synagogue in Pittsburgh.

As recently as yesterday, Donald Trump was standing in the White House and attacking “globalists” – which is century old antisemitic code for “Jews” – yet now that it suits him politically, he’s suddenly on the side of the Jews today. But during his rally, he wasn’t really siding with the Jews, so much as he was siding with the NRA. That’s right, Trump is now insisting that places like synagogues should arm themselves. Because if we’ve learned one thing about mass shootings, it’s that adding chaotic crossfire to the mix is the best way to make it turn out better.

Donald Trump then decided to use this shooting to start advocating for the death penalty. This stood out as odd, considering that the synagogue shooter Robert Bowers is white, and Trump has a history of only calling for the death penalty for black people. While the death penalty is certainly a Republican position, it’s weird and unseemly that he’s suddenly pushing for it now.

Unless we missed it, Donald Trump didn’t call for the Trump supporter in the Trump van to get the death penalty for trying to assassinate two former U.S. Presidents this week. Maybe Trump wants Robert Bowers to die because, while the two share the same far-right extremist views, Bowers dared to criticize Trump for not being enough of an extremist. And yes, Trump really is this petty.


Somewhere in there, Donald Trump decided that tonight would be a good time to dishonestly attack Elizabeth Warren over her Native American ancestry – even though she’s already taken a DNA test that proves she was telling the truth all along. Trump is simply deranged – and he’s every bit as deranged as the guy who shot up the synagogue today, the guy who tried to shoot up a black church this week, and the would-be assassin in the Trump van. The 25th Amendment was created for situations like this.

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