Donald Trump goes completely off the deep end during rally

Donald Trump, a bully and a coward, skipped out on tonight’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner once again, presumably for fear that someone might make fun of him or call him out on his scandals, crimes, and lies. Trump, who after his current term in office is more likely to go to prison than to end up with a second term, instead held a campaign rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin tonight.

With the Mueller report having further exposed his crimes, impeachment now seemingly inevitable, and criminal prosecution all but guaranteed the minute he’s no longer in office, Donald Trump has been even further removed lately from reality and mental competence than usual. If you were expecting his rally speech tonight to be a disaster, it turned out you were right. But even the biggest of cynics may not have been expecting Trump to go this far over the edge.

At one point during his speech tonight, Trump made up an utterly deranged story in the name of pushing his anti-abortion position. He claimed that women routinely give birth, and then the baby is wrapped up in a blanket, so the mother and doctor can decide whether to “execute the baby.” Trump then claimed that the Democrats support such executions.

Back in the real world, this kind of horrifying scenario isn’t happening anywhere – and if it did, the Democratic Party would be strongly opposed to it. But in Donald Trump’s mentally deranged, hallucinatory, increasingly psychotic imagination, this kind of thing is apparently happening in American hospitals everywhere. And of course the people in the audience went right along with what Trump said, as if it were somehow true – a reminder that Trump’s supporters are just as mentally sick as he is.

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