Rain on Donald Trump’s parade

Trump can have all the boat parades he wants but it still won’t add up to winning. Boating is a popular pastime so it’s not hard to gather a Trumpster armada to look like a big showing. Additionally, these are the same folks who’d be crushed together in a rally; they’re just substituting these floating embarrassments instead. To see their Trump flags flying above the American flag is equally instructional. These people don’t revere our flag, nor Jesus, nor anything else of value. They’re in a cult and will be around whatever happens in November.

Be comforted, this does not add up to votes. But do not rest on the Biden laurels yet. It’s still a long way to the election and as everyone knows, you can’t fix stupid. Stupidity is also contagious, almost as contagious as corruption, and nobody loves contagion more than the Republican Party. Hence the idiotic rebellion against wearing a mask.

We’ve got to keep our guard up and use every single day until the election to fight back against this rank-smelling administration. When these boat rallies are presented, it’s nice to push back with a photo of a larger rally of cars in line for a food bank or a pile of pine coffins ready for mass burial. Most Trumpsters won’t care til it happens to them. And even then, the brainwashing is strong. So instead, place your focus on the positive. Get a Biden-Harris sign for your lawn and a bumper sticker for your car. Offer to drive those unable to get to the voting booth.

Most importantly, speak out. Don’t let these fools think they’re in the majority, because they are not. Remind them of the old saying about boat ownership: “The happiest day of my life was when I bought my boat. The second happiest day of my life was when I sold my boat.”

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