Doctor on Rachel Maddow show paints ugly picture of Donald Trump’s health and survival odds

Donald Trump was transported to Walter Reed Medical Center a few hours ago, and there is still no official announcement from the White House about what kind of condition he’s in. According to CNN, one unnamed Trump adviser says Trump is now having trouble breathing. So just how bad off is he?

Rachel Maddow lined up a series of expert doctors during her MSNBC show tonight. Doctor Zeke Emanuel revealed that based on what’s known of Donald Trump’s current condition and overall health, he has between a 5% and 12% chance of dying from coronavirus. This means we’re talking about the sitting President of the United States having a realistic chance of being dead before election day.

Doctor David Ho then appeared on the Maddow show and pointed out that Trump apparently received a high initial exposure level of coronavirus, due to having been in close contact with the person who gave it to him – and that the high initial exposure is also bad news for Trump’s prognosis.

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