Rachel Maddow just said what we’re all thinking about Donald Trump

Rachel Maddow, the most insightful political analyst on television, usually tries to avoid spending too much time on Donald Trump’s deranged tweets and bizarre behavior, and she instead focuses on his more substantive scandals. So it’s a big deal that Maddow opened her show tonight by focusing entirely on the fact that Trump has gone completely off the deep end.

By now you’ve surely heard about Donald Trump’s Oval Office debacle today, in which he held up a hurricane map that he’d doctored with a Sharpie, to try to cover for his earlier mistaken assertion that Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama. Rachel Maddow opened her show with this incident, and then she began to place it within the context of Trump’s increasingly erratic and deranged words and behavior over the past week. He canceled his Poland trip to stay home and play golf. He congratulated Poland on having been invaded by the Nazis. He insisted that he’d never heard of a Category 5 hurricane. You know the drill.

Maddow then hit on what we think is key to explaining what’s been going on here. Donald Trump was completely off his game during the G7 summit. World leaders walked all over him, to his face and behind his back, and he acted like he barely knew what was even happening rather than trying to assert himself or fight back. Maddow thinks something may have gone wrong at the G7 that sent him spiraling downward.

The upshot is that Donald Trump is either suffering from severe and worsening cognitive decline, or a worsening mental illness of some type, or some combination of both. You don’t have to be a medical professional to see that something along these lines is overtaking Trump at an accelerating rate, and that he’s going down the tubes by the day if not by the hour.

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