Rachel Maddow just nailed it

When corrupt Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a bizarre election lawsuit today aimed at helping Donald Trump, Palmer Report pointed out that it had literally zero chance of going anywhere, and that Paxton was surely just trying to get Trump to pardon him.

Sure enough, Rachel Maddow used her MSNBC show tonight to go into more detail about the story. Paxton is facing a potential ninety-nine year prison sentence in Texas for financial fraud, which he’s been abusing his office to fend off. But as Maddow pointed out, Paxton is also now under active investigation by the FBI. No wonder Paxton is trying to impress Trump in the hope of a federal pardon.


Meanwhile, Maddow also confirmed something that Palmer Report was hoping would be the case. In his dismissal of the Michael Flynn case today, Judge Emmet Sullivan did indeed include language expressing doubt as to whether Flynn’s preemptive pardon can prevent him from being charged with additional crimes. This opens the door for the DOJ to indict Flynn again once Trump is gone.

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