Rachel Maddow is hellbent on taking Mitch McConnell down

These days it’s difficult to figure out whether Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is in trouble or not. He’s committing treason by blocking an election cybersecurity bill on behalf of the Kremlin, in exchange for a Russian aluminum mill in Kentucky. His approval rating is in the toilet heading into reelection. But the media seems too focused on Donald Trump’s treasonous scandals to bother paying much attention to McConnell’s treason.

There is, however, at least one notable exception. This week Rachel Maddow has used her MSNBC show – arguably the most influential show on the network – to focus on the ugly details of Mitch McConnell’s crime spree. His refusal to allow the election security bill to come to a vote should be enough to cancel his career on its own. Throw in the fact that he’s obviously doing this as a result of a bribe from the Kremlin, and it’s fairly clear that he’d be indicted by now if his ally Trump weren’t in control of the Department of Justice. But there’s more.

Last night Maddow zeroed in on the sheer corruption of how Mitch McConnell and Republican Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin hoodwinked the state legislature into unwittingly greenlighting public funding for the Russian aluminum mill. At this point the people of Kentucky are now all shareholders in the treasonous aluminum mill.

We’ll see what happens going forward. If Donald Trump loses in 2020, it’s not difficult to foresee the next iteration of the Department of Justice indicting and arresting Mitch McConnell, whether McConnell is still in office at that point or not. His 2020 Democratic opponent Amy McGrath is impressive and well funded, so yes, he could lose. In the meantime, Rachel Maddow seems hellbent on taking McConnell down for his crimes.

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